Girls Love Pretty Pony Playing Cards, Hate Competition

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Hoping to tap into the female market, Magic and Pokemon card guru Peter D. Adkison is shilling a line of collectible cards aimed at little ladies aged 6-12 called Bella Sara, which is "an imaginative, joyful world of horses, where every girl is special and uniquely beautiful." Bella Sara's unicorn trading cards come replete with "girl-power sayings like 'Have the courage to trust yourself' and 'Use your love to bring peace to the world.'" Unlike Magic and Pokemon Cards, the Bella Sara horsies were designed without a "competitive component," because, according to Danish card designer Gitte Odder Braendgaard, "Girls like something beautiful, something nice to look at."


Braendgaard has clearly never seen little girls playing AYSO soccer, because I recall a pretty intense competitive edge on the soccer pitch, where little pony-loving angels thoroughly enjoyed trampling others with their cleat-clad hooves. [Oh, I SO loved tripping up the opposing players! -Ed.] The cards are already a rousing success in Braendgaard's native Scandinavia, where Bella Sara has sold 7 million units.

With Ponies, Unicorns And Secret Codes, An Effort To Unleash A Craze For Girls [New York Times]

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Bella Sara is an on-line game too - that must be what these are based on.

For research reasons I've been playing another on-line pony game and I have to tell you it's full of teenage (and younger) girls scamming each other, bitching, libelling and generally being all-out bad girls.

For similar reasons I've also been comparing and contrasting My Little Pony ads with boys' toy ads, and the contrast is nauseating. The girl stuff all comes freighted with all these morals and do-gooding, whereas the boy stuff is just about making lots of noise and killing people.

However, I reckon it's just like Barbies. The ads may say one thing, but the actual girlies playing with them subvert the whole thing and use 'em for nefarious, Mean Girls purposes etc etc.