Girls At "Weight Extremes" Less Likely To Use Condoms • Obama Considered Clinton For VP

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• Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh report that girls at "weight extremes" - i.e. overweight or underweight - are more likely to engage in risky sexual behavior than their "normal weight" peers. •

• According to a Gallup poll released earlier this year, New England is the least religious region in America, which is partially why Evangelists are targeting the apathetic Northern states. Some Christian denominations view New England as a "mission field," and MSNBC interviews several missionaries seeking to convert those living in and around Boston. From a New Englander born and bred: Good luck with that. • The Georgia man accused of attacking an African-American woman outside of a Cracker Barrel while screaming racial slurs has been released on bail. Troy Dale West Jr. faces charges ranging from false imprisonment to cruelty to children, but no word yet on whether he will be charged with a hate crime. • Soon after the election, 67% of Americans reported being "optimistic" about the future of race relations. But the so-called "Obama effect" didn't last long, and the percentage of optimistic folk has already slipped down to 56, which is only one point higher than in December 1963. • In his new memoir The Audacity to Win David Plouffe, who managed Barack Obama's presidential campaign, says Obama seriously considered asking Hillary Clinton to be his running mate. He writes; "[W]hat surprised me at [our first meeting to discuss the vice presidency] was that Obama was clearly thinking more seriously about picking Hillary Clinton than Ax and I had realized. He said if his central criterion measured who could be the best VP, she had to be included in that list. She was competent, could help in Congress, would have international bona fides and had been through this before, albeit in a different role. He wanted to continue discussing her as we moved forward." • A U.S. District Court judge has dismissed another one of Orly Taitz's birther lawsuits. She asked the court to demand President Obama produce more documentation proving that he was born in the United States and to shut down the federal government and hold an election if he couldn't. The judge said it was unconstitutional for the courts to "effectively overthrow a sitting president." • Obama For America sent out a link to a commercial paid for by the DNC that features Sarah Palin's various health care lies followed by a clip of her saying "quit making things up." • The House Democrats healthcare reform bill unveiled today says, "Only private premium dollars can be used to provide abortion coverage. Where abortion coverage is provided, funds for this purpose must be segregated from other funds, including affordability credits," which won't satisfy pro-lifers who say private premiums and government subsidies given to low-income Americans can't be isolated and segregated. • New York Governor David Paterson has signed a bill that enhances the penalty for injuring an abortion provider, staff member, volunteer or patient. The legislation is a response to the shooting of Dr. George Tiller, and makes physically injuring someone obtaining or providing an abortion a class E felony rather than a misdemeanor. • Scientists in New Zealand are working on developing an ice cream called ReCharge that will help relieve the side-effects of chemotherapy in cancer patients. The "medical dessert" uses active ingredients from dairy products to relieve diarrhea, anemia and lack of appetite. • Susan Finkelstein, the woman accused of trying to trade sex for World Series tickets, will be given two tickets to Game 3 by a Philadelphia car dealer and the host of Chio in the Morning on WIRED-FM. • According to the CDC's Prevention's Mortality and Morbidity Weekly Report released today, 11 percent of the U.S. population reports not getting enough sleep. 12.4 percent of women say they don't sleep enough compared to 9.9 percent of men. • A study by Trojan ranks the University of South Carolina as the nation's top university in sexual health. The ratings were based on a poll of students conducted on Facebook and data from on-campus student health centers. One big element of the school's sexual health awareness program are peer-to-peer groups sponsored by Student Health and Violence Prevention. • Ahmed Muhamed Dhore, a Somalian who claims he is 112 years old, says he has realized a "dream" by marrying a 17-year-old bride. He has married five times before, but three wives are dead. Dhore already has 13 children, the oldest of whom is 80, but says he would like more with his new bride, Safiya Abdulle. •

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I am suspicious of this Obama / Clinton story, because when Obama was actually vetting candidates for VP he and his team went out of their way to repeatedly state that they were not vetting Hillary. So this sounds revisionist to me: I'm sure she came up at some point (early) in the discussions, but it wasn't serious enough for her to be even in the top 5 or however many were vetted. I think that now that having her in his Administration has gone well, they're trying to make it look like they considered her seriously, because it clearly would not have been a political misstep. But I still remember those times, and you can't fool somebody who pays attention. #crackerbarrel