Girlie Beer Is Here To Give You Another Embarrassing Option At The Bar

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I am not a big drinker. But when I do drink, the last people I want to be sitting with are those people who can't shut the hell up about what they are currently drinking.


You know the people I'm talking about, right? The Wine People. The Beer Patrol. The dude who moved off campus junior year and suddenly became an expert in hops but is still about three years away from being an expert in not coming across as a douchebag. Those people. On the other hand, it's never fun to be sitting next to Drunky McDrool who reeks of Natty Light (what up Boston) and says his only specifications for a beer are "A. It gets me drunk, and B. It gets me drunk fast and cheap." Unless he's a really hilarious drunk, and then it's good times for all.

In any case, the Beer People and the Drunky McDrools of the world always seem to represent the two extremes when it comes to those who enjoy, as Jemaine would say, "a nice delicious glass of beer." But what about the ladies, ladies? There are always bullshit articles about "what your drink of choice says about you," and so on, and the marketing of beer towards women seems to be aimed more at light, "sexy" beers that will get you drunk without giving you a gut. In Britain, women seem to be turning away from beer, due to fears of weight gain and the idea that beer is a "manly" drink. Project Eve, a multimillion dollar ad campaign, aims to change the way women view introducing the concept of "female-friendly" brews.

"We are encouraging women to have a choice," Kristy McCready, MD, tells the Times of London, "We want to listen to women about what they want, get behind what they want and then speak to the licensed trade. We hope to change the landscape of beer." McCready aims to draw women back to beer by introducing "female-friendly" blends using ingredients such as elderberry and elderflower in order to promote beer more as a healthy ale than something one would drink from a funnel. Awesome. Now not only do we have the Beer People and Drunky McDrool, but we have The Girlie Beer Brigade who will scold you for ordering a Yuengling when you should have ordered a female-friendly blend that will undoubtedly be named after a shoe or a purse or a pony. Or maybe they'll just call it "I Can't Believe It's Not Yogurt But It's Still A Female Friendly Source Of Nourishment!"

Like I said, I'm not a huge drinker, but the idea of branding beer as "female-friendly" is a bit gross: do we really need Girlie Beer to give women healthy attitudes about drinking and moderation? Can't women just drink beer because they want to drink beer? Do we have to throw in a ton of ridiculous "female-friendly" ingredients just to push a product? What say you commenters? Are "female-friendly" brews a good way to get women to open up to drinking beer, or is this just another unnecessary attempt to make a few bucks by slapping a "female-friendly" label on something many women happily drink anyway?

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