Girlfriend-Killer Bobby Cutts' Tears Convince No One

Remember Bobby Cutts? The cop who killed his pregnant girlfriend, Jessie Davis? Well his trial is going on right now, and his boneheaded defense team is having Cutts plead not guilty — and then allowing Cutts to testify saying that he did, in fact, murder Davis. It makes absolutely no fucking sense whatsoever. On CNN earlier this afternoon, attorney and law professor Avery Friedman commented on the trial, calling the defense's strategy "stupidity" and furthermore, Cutts's performance on the stand "the most bizarre and revulsive testimony I have ever heard." Watch Cutts's crocodile tears above, as he describes leading authorities to Davis's body. Warning: it's chilling and horrific.


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@nyobserver: That was the commentator saying that the Defense strategy seemed to be either (a) proving beyond a reasonable doubt that Cutts was too stupid to be held accountable or (b) the Defense was too stupid to realize how stupid their "strategy" was. I'm fuzzy on how he meant that, but it wasn't an actual legal plea of "not guilty due to stupidity."