The Girl Scouts are going through a massively positive revamp in 2012 by kicking of the Year of the Girl and To Get Her There campaigns, which both aim to transfer public focus from cookies to the education of our future female leaders (don't worry, there will still be cookies). STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) has become a large part of the current GSUSA's agenda, with one troop of girls going as far as developing a prosthetic hand for a child born without fingers. All of these developments are occurring under current GSUSA Chief Executive Officer Ana Maria Chavez, the first latina CEO in Girl Scouts history. Chavez has also set out to diversify the Girl Scouts considerably by reaching out to more African American and Latina girls. Though Girl Scout enrollment is down overall, it's impossible to deny Chavez's profound effect on existing troops when you hear a room full of girls talking about their goals of becoming Apple engineers and obstetricians.


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I get why it's important to 'build future leaders' and concentrate on math and engineering. But I can't help but feeling a little sad that there isn't a larger emphasis on camping and hiking and nature - I feel a little like they're taking the 'scout' out of the girl scouts. Something that I always thought of as a bit of a childhood adventure is more work. The boys are still building fires and doing trail maintenance and working with NASA (yeah that's math and engineering - but look at how they sell it!). I'm not feeling like this is much fun for girls and if they'll want to be involved.

Plus the awful treatment of that transgender kid and the re-designing of a Saul Bass logo (the nerve!) just has me disappointed with the organization as a whole. I'm just not feeling the love.