Girl Scouts Boycott Cookie Sale Over Right to Pee Outdoors

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Several Girl Scout troops in northeastern Ohio won't be selling cookies this season because they're protesting an effort by regional leaders to close a few "rustic" scout camps and replace them with new modernized facilities. Unlike the old camps, the new buildings would feature indoor plumbing. Rebecca Shaffer, the director of marketing and communications for the Girl Scouts of North East Ohio, says:

It saddens us that we have this disagreement over the camps in our area ... We surveyed the girls a few years back and the number one response to our questions about what they wanted was more inside plumbing.

The girls may be attached relieving themselves in comfort , but moms know making the outdoors you toilet builds character.

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As a female geologist who has to pee outside way more than I would like (usually while trying to make sure no drillers/male geos are looking cause we ain't got no damn trees here), the prospect of more indoor plumbing would make me giddy. My company is getting ready to move us to a new logging facility with zero running water or sewer.

But, that could be just me. I'm not outdoorsy and picked the wrong career. Good job.