Skiing — or as I like to think of it ever since being pushed down a double-black diamond in middle school, Old Man Winter's broken bone roulette wheel — can be dangerous. Just ask Larry Miller, who, in his 1992 HBO comedy special, Just Words, offers the most succinct advice for anyone considering a skiing trip: Don't go skiing. I'm sure that's what Miller's Walter Stratford would be warning his daughters about in 10 Things I Hate About You if they lived in Denver, say, instead of Seattle, where teen pregnancy seems to pose the biggest threat to girlhood, and while the budding slope bum in this video might benefit from some more safety-first parenting in her life, she's so clearly intimidated by this imposing jump (and so exhilarated when she makes it down the hill in one piece) that the risk-reward ratio seems tilted in her favor. Then again, there's always the chance that she'll get hit by the lift because she's never worn skis before and her friend's parents never told her how hard it was to walk in skis and everybody will laugh at her, even the lift operator, as she's sprawled helpless on her back, wriggling her limbs in the air like a flipped turtle...which is the kind of emotional accident one never quite recovers from.


[via Buzzfeed]

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