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Girl Forced to Remove Bug from Tennis Court, World Squirms for Her

A ball girl was forced by an unchivalrous tennis player — who evidently doesn't know that bugs and children are sworn natural enemies — to remove a large cricket from the court yesterday at the Australian Open. The cameraman spares us a close-up of the surely disgusting creature, but he doesn't spare the girl any humiliation by filming her dash away from the match with her bug hand at arm's length. Oh, and listen to the audience's condescending laughter during the slow-motion replay. Those people will all be picking up crickets off of the tennis courts of hell forever.


[via Buzzfeed]

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I am joining in with the 'why the hell are people attacking this guy?' He wasn't rude about it - he noticed something on the court and said could someone deal with it? The horror. I feel like now if I go to a restaurant and notice a spill all over my table I will be considered rude just because I ask the waitstaff to clean it up *gasp*.

What good would swatting it away have done? Unless I am wrong bugs/roaches/crickets/whatever the hell it was has the ability to use their legs and ambulate on back over. So he would have had to constantly be looking around for it to make sure he didn't step on it because then he would have slick bug guts in his way.

Finally, how silly would it have been for him to pick up the bug, run all the way to the edge of the court, let it go/kill it, clean his hand, then run back to his position to play. It just seems a lot simpler for the ballgirl to do it. I don't know how people wanted him to ask her to do it? An engraved invitation? She wasn't forced to do this because it isn't an unreasonable expectation of her job. It is like saying I am forced to greet customers since I work in retail.