Young entrepreneur Clementine Lee thought she'd make a few bucks by selling cold lemonade to hot passersby in New York's Riverside Park yesterday, but she ended up $50 in debt, thanks to a summons issued by the Parks Department. Boo-urns!

Apparently the Parks Department was peeved with Miss Lee for selling lemonade without a permit, which, surely, all 10 YEAR OLDS should obtain before setting up a dumb lemonade stand and trying to make a quarter or two. According to the New York Post, Clementine and her father, Richard, sold approximately $5.00 worth of lemonade and homemade chocolate chip cookies before being shut down by Dolores Umbridge and The Grinch Parks Department officials, who demanded to see a permit. Upon learning that the father-daughter team had none, the operation was shut down, and summer was ruined for everyone.

There is a happy ending of sorts, however: the Parks Department has already dismissed the summons, and the agent who issued the ticket will be "re-trained on rules and regulations and will be reassigned," which is governmental code for "sent to Don't Be A Jerk To Children School." Meanwhile, your aunt in Texas is writing all of this down in her "I told you they were rude in New York City" notebook as we speak, sipping sweet tea and shaking her head at the rest of us.

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