Girl Finds Treasure In Richard Simmons Tape • Polar Bear Finally Moved Out Of Moat

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• An 11-year-old girl in Hawaii found $1,000 hidden in a Richard Simmons tape while she was browsing through videos at a thrift store, which she immediately gave to the store manager. • A six-foot tall Lego man has washed ashore Brighton Beach in England. • South Korea's highest court upheld an adultery law on Thursday that can send people to jail for cheating on their spouses. • Disgusting duo: Convicted murderer Scott Peterson has been writing suspected murderer Casey Anthony while she's in jail. •• A woman in central Sweden was convicted of drunk driving on Thursday after she drove with one eyed close to counteract intoxicated double vision. • A woman born through artificial insemination is challenging a Canadian law that protects the identities of anonymous sperm and egg donors so she can determine the identity of her biological father. • The life expectancy gap between men and women in the UK has narrowed over the past 20 years. • Today, the Vatican suggested that candidates for the Catholic priesthood should undergo psychological tests to weed out possible gays and heterosexuals who would not be able to resist their sexual urges. • Some Egyptians were shocked when a middle-aged Egyptian couple were arrested for organizing a secret swingers club on the internet. • Doctors are now offering eyebrow transplants to the overplucked. • An 82-year-old man in Kentucky was arrested last week for trading OxyContin to two young women in exchange for sexual favors and trafficking a controlled substance. • Zero, the polar bear who has been trapped in a moat in the Milwaukee County Zoo since October 13, has finally been rescued. • A controversial anti-pornography bill has been passed by Indonesia's parliament. • A miffed pelican on an exotic bird farm in Germany tried to eat a dog that stole its meal. • An Etsy seller is selling two original paintings of Harold and Maude from the film Harold and Maude for $370. • A Texas Samaritan decided to buy a woman's house for her at a foreclosure auction on Saturday. •



You know, I could SWEAR Lacey and Connor's bodies were found washed ashore. Anyone back me up on that?