Girl Eats Her Own Body Weight in Ketchup EVERY Year

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We all have weird food habits. I know one girl who eats french fries with a fork and salad with her hands. I know another who eats hummus with a spoon when she doesn't gave pita bread or baby carrots and another still whose favorite snack is apple slices layered with cheddar cheese. (PSYCH, ALL OF THESE GIRLS ARE ME.) Food quirks are a part of the human experience and it's wrong to judge someone just because they like to put certain food stuff in their face holes that you'd rather not...unless, of course, we're talking about this UK woman who eats her body weight in ketchup every single year because that is objectively GRODY TO THE MAX.

"I started eating ketchup when I was a kid and we first went to McDonalds," Melissa Ibbitson, a 19-year-old from Lincolnshire, England, told the Daily Mail. "I can't remember how it became such an obsession but now I can't live without it."

Ibbitson eats ketchup at every meal of the day and spends up to £300 (about $500) on ketchup a year.


"When I lived at home my mum used to get annoyed with me. I would get through the ketchup quicker than she could get to the shop to buy it. Since I've moved out and have been making my own meals I've got even worse," she said. "For breakfast I'll have spaghetti or beans on toast with ketchup, lunch will be a sandwich with ketchup and I have ketchup with whatever I have for dinner."

Look, I am not immune to the allures of ketchup. It is a fine, noble condiment and to suggest otherwise is crazy-talk. That said, I think I'd rather eat the sickest, most Survivor challenge worthy foods than straight up gulp down a bottle of Heinz.

Pictures of Ibbitson drinking ketchup at the link. Go take a look then join me for a Barf Party.

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Apple slices layered with cheddar cheese is my favorite! So much healthier than cheese and crackers. *Plus* it's extra good when the apples are tart and the cheese is sharp.