Girl Crush: Erica Hill

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Although CNN's Paula Zahn is grabbing all the headlines today due to her divorce from gazillionaire, nature-hating financier Richard Cohen, we'd like to shift the attention to a much-less-famous but just as smart (and infinitely more charming) CNN anchor: Headline News' Erica Hill.


Just as the cable network's Soledad O'Brien makes waking up early a whole lot easier, Hill helps us wind down after a long evening of preparatory blogging watching Law & Order reruns, thanks to her brief but memorable cameos on Anderson Cooper 360.

Although a full-fledged anchor on Headline News, Hill's role on 360 is basically that of interstitial news-reader. Night after night, however, Hill manages to upstage her Vanity Fair-covered, silver-foxed, Nawlins'-defending "It Boy" with a series of well-timed facial expressions, off-the-cuff jokes and generally unflappable, smart-as-a-whip demeanor.

Hill is also a bit of a tech geek (love!) having come to CNN via Tech TV, where she served as co-anchor and correspondent for the network's Tech Live daily news show; before that, she was a PA for PC Week's "PC Week Radio" (So she's not a Mac girl. Sue her!).

Most laudably, Hill has had to put up with Headline News' insufferable sleazeball Glenn Beck, who most recently creeped out news junkies by hitting on a female reporter for US Weekly. Last May, Hill had to endure a number of icky come-ons from the former drug addict, including comments that Hill was "looking hot in leather" and the following, taken from an exchange between the two from May 10:

BECK: All right. Time now to go "Straight to the Hill" — Erica Hill, the anchor of Prime News tonight. Hello, Erica.

HILL: Hello, there.

BECK: How are you?

HILL: I'm doing well. How are you this Wednesday?

BECK: I'm doing pretty good. I'm doing pretty good. I will tell you that it's a little embarrassing, sitting there, watching your program at night with my wife. And she says, "Look at the way that Erica is looking at you." And I say, "I know, honey."

HILL: Don't try to drag me in to this one, my friend. I am nothing but professional.


Too bad, we think. Beck could use a new asshole.

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