Girl After Our Own Drunken, Period-Sexed Hearts Crashes Tyra

A bunch of "party girls" went on Tyra to talk about their heavy drinking and late nights out, but Tyra turned it into a therapy session of rehab, with counseling from Dr. Drew and reformed porn star Mary Carey, acting as sponsor. We were supposed to view the three party girls as having serious problems, but one girl, Shay, seemed so upbeat and good natured and young that we're thinking that she's not so much an addict, but just someone who's a lot of fun and making mistakes in her youth. (Or maybe it's just that she particularly spoke to us, because she unapologetically divulged stories about getting totally shit faced, sleeping around, and having period sex but forgetting that a tampon is in there.)


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That is her embarassing moment? Please.

And in NOLA I went out every night of the week.

I wasn't hooking up, but I was out until 8 or 9 in the mornings. I'd shower, work my shift,go home to crash, repeat.

Also, Shay the people at work know you come in drunk now.