Gillian Anderson will play journalist Martha Gellhorn in an upcoming biopic, the New Yorker reports. The film will be based on the biography Gellhorn: A Twentieth-Century Life, which caused a minor flamewar among literary critics in 2003. Gellhorn, you see, had something of a racy life: she was married to Hemingway, she had a bunch of abortions, she eventually offed herself. In the Times, Brenda Maddox said, "To read about her life is to lose faith in the nobility of journalism." Katha Pollitt wrote an irate letter in response, an. Macy Halford at the New Yorker echoes that sentiment: "Since the moviemakers must inevitably put a spin on things, we hope that they err on Pollitt's side and give us a lively portrait of a writer. If only for the sake of the viewers, Gellhorn should be spared the fate of Dorothy Parker and Sylvia Plath: their biopics, you'll recall, presented lives so dismally drained of joy that one wondered how the ladies ever found the wherewithal to pick up a pen." [New Yorker]


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