Gigi Hadid's Boob Popped Out to Say 'Yolanda' While Walking 'Literally the Longest Runway'

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Paulette, the right boob of Gigi Hadid, made a surprise appearance Friday during a show for Versace’s upcoming Fall/Winter line. Page Six reports the relatively unknown Hadid popped out without warning as Gigi walked down what witnesses described as “literally the longest a fashion show ever.”


It should come as no surprise that Paulette would want as much attention as her more famous family members, as the near-constant media coverage of Gigi, Bella, Anwar and Yolanda would make any boob jealous.

I reached out to Paulette Friday afternoon. Below is an edited version of our conversation.

Jezebel: Did you plan today’s appearance?

Paulette: Bobby, I’ve been planning for two years, since her first NYFW show.

JEZEBEL: What show was that?

Desigual. Don’t get me started.

JEZEBEL: What’s taken you so long to put yourself out there?

Honestly? Fear. I was afraid of what the fame would do to me. I mean, look what it’s done to Bell and Gig! Sure, they have famous friends, but are they happier than they used to be? I’m not sure. I’m just not sure.

JEZEBEL: So why risk unhappiness and do it now?

Do you want the truth?

JEZEBEL: Of course.

I hated the dress. I’m not a fan of Versace, and I wanted it off me.

JEZEBEL: Oh, wow.

And the crowd loved me. There were no gasps, of course—this is a professional environment, after all—but I could tell they loved me.


GIGI: Are you finished yet?

Give me a damned second! Jesus! Ugh.

JEZEBEL: Do you need to go?

Probably. I’m so sorry about her. She’s just...see what fame does?

JEZEBEL: Well, let me ask one more question before you go. Do you miss Gigi’s ex-boyfriend, Joe Jonas?


I never met him, actually.


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