Giggly, Matchy, Flirty Jurors Totally Sexing Up John Edwards Trial, XOXO, Gossip Girl

Nothing kills the inherent excitement of a sordid political scandal quite like a drawn-out court case (even one that involves a blackmailing baby-mama receiving a credit card with the name R. Jaya James?), and today it became completely evident that the attitude in the courtroom is becoming bored and somewhat And Then We Came To The End-ish. Why? Because now everyone's like, totally talking about how all four alternate jurors wore literally the same color shirt for two days in a row (OMG) and keep totally cracking up during the proceedings (ZOMG) and the hottest one, with the black hair like, flirted with Edwards and he flirted back sort of and now I guess they're going to prom? Ahhhh! See left for a dramatization.

As one might expect of renowned media outlets, The Atlantic, ABC News and the Washington Post have all covered this fascinating news with the appropriate gravitas:

One of the alternates, an attractive young woman, has been spotted smiling at Edwards and flipping her hair in what seems to some to be a flirtatious manner. On Friday, she wore a revealing red top with a single strap and an exposed right shoulder.


He smiles, she smiles, she giggles, she blushes! Even the lawyers are LOLing heartily! Although this would be a great alternate sex-rompy version of Twelve Angry Men, it is unlikely that any of the four jurors will be called into action unless one of the twelve original jurors is dismissed.

'Flirting, Color-Coordinated Jurors Make Edwards Trial Seem Like High School' [The Atlantic]
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