Giant Asshole of the Day: Shinzo Abe (And An Honorable Mention To The Idiots Of The Internets)

It turns out that blaming atrocities carried out by soldiers on "independent contractors" may actually be older than the military-industrial complex itself! The NYT reports that the new Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (who sadly replaced the world leader most resembling an older Daniel Dae Kim last year) yesterday blamed any rapes and coerced prostitution of Korean and Chinese women during WWII on "contractors," which is, impossibly we know, a softening of last month's stance that the whores all went willingly — though not such a softening that he didn't go out of his way to call the testimony of women that they had been kidnapped and forced into military brothels a "complete fabrication." Yeah, because testimony like this:

"I am so embarrassed. I am so ashamed," said Lee Yong-soo, speaking through an interpreter of her rape and torture. "But this is something I cannot just keep to myself."


is so obviously made up. And there haven't been any books about this stuff either.

But wait, here's something more depressing, from a gimlet-eyed reader of the Times' "The Lede" blog:

I find this stuff so hard to believe since I thought Japan was the coolest place I've ever been to. But the historical record seems pretty accurate on the Korean side I guess. I thought that the only soldiers who behaved like this were Americans in Okinawa and other Japanese bases. How ironic!


I know man, and we thought Berlin was so rad, too? Like, no fucking WAY could cruelty come out of a place with so many great ways of cutting hair asymmetrically! But, DOOD, because they actually make kids there learn their own history in school, some German kids let us in on a little secret called the FUCKING HOLOCAUST. Turns out the historical record seems pretty accurate on the victims' side of that story, too..

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