Ghost in the Shell Casts Japanese Actress Rila Fukushima

Illustration for article titled iGhost in the Shell /iCasts Japanese Actress Rila Fukushima

Rila Fukushima is joining the American film adaptation of the manga series Ghost in the Shell, which has already drawn criticism over its choice to cast Scarlett Johansson as the cyborg-fighter lead character.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fukushima will co-star in a yet to be revealed role in the film alongside Johansson, who plays the originally Japanese anime character Major Kusanagi. Born in Tokyo, Fukushima previously played a ninja in Wolverine and appeared in the TV series Arrow. In online forums at least, her name has come up in discussions about which Asian actress could’ve been hired in place of Johansson.

In regards to whitewashing, a report from April alleged that Ghost in the Shell producers had at one point thought about giving Johansson’s character more Asian features through special effects.


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Crazy thought- how about Johansson quits, and they give Fukushima the part?