Get So Lost in Space That You Find Parker Posey

Meet the Robinsons, an ordinary family, flung into the far reaches of space. A very realistically constructed and beautiful CGI space.


The trailer features all the classic fun catchphrases fans of the original Lost in Space are familiar with, like, “Danger, Will Robinson!” Funny how a robot screaming about danger is actually reassuring now. Things have changed a bit—instead of the Robinsons being on a merry jaunt across the galaxy, they’re on some sort of mission. Can they ever return home? Is Earth obliterated by the Trump administration? Is climate change confirmed as real?

The cast has also been updated. Taylor Russell plays the Robinsons’s daughter Judy, making her the only person of color in the family. Parker Posey is playing Dr. Smith, formerly portrayed by Jonathan Harris in the series and Gary Oldman in the 1998 film reboot. Spoiler alert, but Dr. Harris is actually the villain, which is honestly telegraphed a bit by this first image of Posey:

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Screenshot: YouTube

Boo! She’s out here—and she’s come to sabotage.

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This honestly looks really good.