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Ever on the lookout for ways to look younger and even more perfect, celebrities are the pioneers of the beauty world. You'll be happy to know that famous people like Victoria Beckham have fought their way bravely into a new and disgusting territory: apparently now getting they're getting sheep placenta facials. So first we're eating our placentas, and next thing you know we're stealing placentas from sheep and smearing them all over our faces. Anything to have even one less wrinkle, amirite? Don't worry though, when you get one of these—and you will get one—you don't actually have to rub the organ on your face. Instead they use a gel that is made from the placenta and also contains gold flakes. See? Not gross, posh. It's supposed to leave you looking "more radiant," so the $670 you'll pay to experience 90 minutes of placental bliss will totally be worth it.


[Via the.LIFE FILES]

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