Get Ready For Spring 2010: Stripes, Shorts, And... Spanx?

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According to Booth Moore of the LA Times, there are a few Fashion Week trends that will make it from the runway to the real world; namely stripes, shorts, prints, and yes, even wearing "Spanx as outerwear."


Though I honestly don't know anyone who is going to (intentionally) wear Spanx as outerwear, unless they're dressing as an Ace bandage for Halloween, I wouldn't be surprised if I saw someone walking down the street working a support garment as if it were the hottest thing on Earth. That's the nature of trends, really; some people find them ridiculous, and others embrace and celebrate them.

I have a tendency to panic when reading trend reports; I go worst case scenario and imagine stores filled with only "sexy" band-aid pants and the shorts-over-tights ensembles that I already rocked pretty hard in 1994, and I begin to slip into fashion Grinch mode, calling everything "stupid" and "ugly" and "annoying," as if that's going to stop Suzy McModel from wearing—and looking adorable in—a pair of plaid shorts and a shirt with four boats and a clump of bird feathers stuck to the front of it.

This season has already sent me into a panic: my initial reaction when reading Moore's piece, which predicts the return of "dress-up denim" and "Lycra bike shorts everywhere," was the reaction I typically get when reading fashion pieces or seeing fashion shows: "I don't get it." But the truth is that there are many, many people who do "get it," and who love it, so for those of us horrified and irritated by the trends (and those of us who don't feel like "reliving" the 80s for the 900th time, good lord), it's just a matter of trying to find the silver lining in a dark, Lycra spandex storm cloud.

Yes, it'll be harder to find certain things once the trends take over, but at the same time, the point of fashion is to take something and make it your own, and, I've been told, to find your own style and stick with it. The best part about trends, as overwhelming as they may be, is that they serve merely as an inspiration to create your own unique look; ruffles are in, sheer is in, stripes are in, shorts are in, and yes, Spanx are in, and though the magazines and the runways and the stores will present one way of wearing these things, in the end, as always, it's up to you to decide what really makes it from the runway to your closet.

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Freddie DeBoer

OK, the "more about trends" box to the right of the post inadvertently has two posts that make it so the Family Guy is wearing womans jeans, and I find it really funny. #trends