Get Ready for a Freaking Jersey Shore Reunion!!!

The cabs are here. T-shirt time is over: A Jersey Shore reunion is headed to MTV sooner than I could’ve ever hoped.


People reported sightings of the cast filming something in Asbury Park and Point Pleasant, New Jersey, but as per TMZ, it’s official. The show isn’t going to be a reboot, which is slightly disappointing, but a “where are they now”-esque peek into the lives of my favorite very tan humans, with a “documentary feel.” This reunion special is one of a few planned, says TMZ, which will bring together the casts of various reality shows that were popular “back in the day.” While TMZ was not specific about which shows they meant, one can only hope that somewhere down the line Laguna Beach and The Hills will get the very same treatment—even though following, like, Lo Bosworth and Whitney Port on Instagram is basically the same thing.

News of the reunion was teased as such by the cast members on social media, including this picture of the four girls, minus Angelina “Trash Bags” Pivarnick, natch.

In an interview with Page Six, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino said of the reunion’s necessity, “The stars have aligned, and it’s time to make reality TV great again... I’ll be honest I’m surprised somebody hasn’t done it before this. It’s been about five years, and as soon as there was a hint of it online, it’s trending. That just tells you something right there.” Aside from his use of the President’s shitty catchphrase, he’s absolutely right.

Please, take a gander at the glory of their sordid and highly-entertaining reality television past, which lives on in the annals of YouTube.

What’s funnier than this? Not much! Here’s another clip that is sort of funny, but then you think about the fact that these dudes are probably on a lot of steroids and it becomes less so. Also not helping is MTV’s choice to score this particular scene with what sounds like a shitload of electric guitars being played with the erect penises of some angry, angry men.

Anyway! None of that will happen on the reunion because it’s going to be tame and they’re all grownups. Or maybe not. Maybe the reunion will look a little something like this nearly-six-minute long commercial for Burger King’s Chicken Parm sandwich, though ideally, it won’t.

We will certainly see when this airs in August.

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This show was so terrible and I hate-watched it, but for real I still use Sammi’s most eloquent contribution in my everyday life: “RAAAHHHN STAAAAHHHHP”