German Woman Tries to Hold Sexhausted Man Prisoner in Her Apartment

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It's your typical modern liaison — a man and a woman meet in a Munich bar, get a little drunk because they still have some vestigial social hang-ups about casual sex, head back to the woman's apartment, and do it. When neither of them falls asleep after the first go-round, they do it again and again and again until the man predictably says that he's tired and probably should, um, leave or whatever. Except that he wasn't allowed to just leave.


According to a report in The Province, the 47-year-old hostess refused to let her 43-year-old partner leave the apartment even after they had intercourse "several times," insisting that he continue to have sex with her, which he did even after his first escape attempt. When the woman barred his second escape attempt, the man fled to the apartment's balcony, where he succeeded in alerting the police. When the police showed up, the woman allegedly made similar (though unsuccessful) sex demands of them and now faces charges of sexual assault and illegal restraint.

There's an obvious Calypso reference to be made here, and though it's tempting to read this episode of sexual aggression lightly because of the gender reversal of popularly accepted roles, sexual assault is a bad, bad thing, not made any more innocuous by the fact that a woman was the aggressor in this instance. By all accounts, however, the initial hook-up was consensual and, even after being stopped from leaving, the man had sex "several more times" with the woman who detained him. It'd be interesting to see what becomes of these charges, and whether a German defense attorney chronicles this man's entire sexual history in an effort to discredit his accusations and make him seem way too promiscuous in an effort to prove that it was his own fault in the first place for sleeping with a complete stranger. Can you picture a bunch of German talk radio hosts calling this guy a "slut" or suggesting that he was just asking to be held as a prisoner in this woman's apartment? Now that would be quite the gender reversal.


German man flees partner who demanded way too much sex [The Province]

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Seriously? SERIOUSLY?! FFS. Doug Barry, you really don't have a clue, do you.