Germaine Greer calls a female playwright an "insane reactionary" after she wrote a play loosely based on Greer being held hostage by a teen. • An Alaskan prison is home to America's only all-female prison orchestra. • Tempest Storm, a self-described "classy" 80-year-old stripper, says she isn't giving up her vocation any time soon. • The Swedes say that a reduction in hormonal therapy for menopause has resulted in less cases of breast cancer in women over 45. • Elderly residents of an all-female English nursing home are addicted to the Nintendo Wii. Their fave? Wii Boxing.

• Hugh Hefner and his gang are planning on opening a new Playboy club and casino in London. • Speaking of Playboy: readers can find out what "the girls of Olive Garden" look like behind the shapeless white button-downs. • An adorable and blind 5-year-old girl in Korea who never learned how to formally play piano can play a song on the piano after just one listen. • Indian cricketer and mega-celeb needs female bodyguards to protect him from crazed female fans. • Hey '80s TV fans: Square Pegs is on DVD! See SJP before SATC! • Missy Chase Lapine's charges of plagiarism against Jessica Seinfeld for her create-bad-food-habits-by-lying-to-your-kids-about-healthy-food cookbook have lifted the sales of both books on Amazon. Whatever, Jessica Seinfeld still sucks. • A 14-year-old girl broke the record for fastest swim across Lake Erie on Sunday with a time of 5 hours, 40 minutes, and 35 seconds.