Geraldo Rivera Is Sorry About Groping Bette Midler Though He Doesn't Quite Remember It Like That

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Following Matt Lauer’s dismissal from NBC due to sexual misconduct, Geraldo Rivera decided to offer, on Twitter, his own standard for whether or not sexual assault cases should be pursued. He mostly thinks they shouldn’t? Anyway, Rivera’s stance motivated the Internet to do a little digging and the story of how he allegedly assaulted Bette Midler quickly resurfaced. Suddenly, he’s very sorry.

Rivera apologized for his original tweets, writing that he “didn’t sufficiently explain” that he knows harassment is a problem. But Bette Midler had to call his ass out direct on Twitter to get her apology:


On Friday, Rivera responded to Midler with an apology for how he wrote about her in his book, the aptly named Exposing Myself. Though Rivera says he doesn’t quite remember events the way Midler does:

At the very least, he apologizes for the way he wrote about her in a book, and at the very most he is essentially denying her account of what happened. Sorry!

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