George Takei Reads Erotic FanFic About Sulu, Chekov, Pajamas

Revel in George Takei’s steady voice as he reads some dirty Star Trek fanfiction to Andy Cohen. We’ve heard Takei read erotica before, but never erotica that directly involved a character he used to play on television. Thankfully, there’s so much Trekkie fanfic floating around the internet that a nightly, fireside Takei reading isn’t outside the realm of television possibility. It’d be a good way for a station to sign off for the evening (if that were still a thing).

via Mashable

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Why do they always have to discuss/have people read the bad fanfiction? No one ever reads the fucking artistic, novel-quality stuff. I guess they can't laugh at the "stupid over-invested people on the internet" if they do that.