George H.W. Bush Wants Nothing To Do With "Ugly" Feminist Women

Since leaving office, George H.W. Bush has built a reputation as an affable, non-partisan weenie who chills with Bill Clinton and does good things. Turns out that, just like his wife, he's still an asshole.

Via Wonkette's Jim Newell, this is H-Dub this past Monday, talking about being accosted by an ugly pro-choice activist with a scary sign.

This whole thing went down, I shit you not, at a National Automobile Dealers Association conference, where the ugliness of feminists is obviously an important topic. Those guys laughing in the background? Those are the dudes that want to sell you your next car, con you into the undercoat you don't need and generally treat you as an inferior being because you're a female who, naturally, knows nothing about big, complex machines.


And Bill Clinton, who follows up Bush's joke with his own about how he could never get away with telling that joke? Yeah, Bill, you just shouldn't try. Please. Leave the sexism and misogyny to the Republicans and the car dealers, please.

Pig Of The Day: George Bush Senior [Wonkette]

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