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George Clooney: White Knight To Rich Folk Vacationing in Italy

Illustration for article titled George Clooney: White Knight To Rich Folk Vacationing in Italy
  • George Clooney, champion of rich folk with vacation homes everywhere!, protests new construction developments in a small Northern Italian town. Where he has a home. Because he fears the new developments...would turn it into a tourist trap? And then his pretty movie star home wouldn't be a pretty movie star home any more. Boo hoo. [USA Today]
  • And at the first day of the Glastonbury rains. Lucky for festival attendees that Kate Moss, like, practically invented wellies! (That would be galoshes to we American folk.) [BBC]
  • What? Dick Cheney tried to strong-arm and then do away with people who wouldn't do what he wanted in regards to some classified information? File under: totally blowing our mind right now! [CNN]
  • Tee hee: Perez gets sued. [ABC News]
  • The Smashing Pumpkins are back! [E!]
  • Pres. Bush's advisers think (crazy, we know!) that maybe the prison at Guantanomo should be shut down sooner than later. Yet we sorta have a hunch (crazy, we know!) that Bush is going to continue to disagree. [NYT]
  • What's more awkward and contrived than Paris and Nicole's break-up? Why Paris and NBC's break-up, of course! The Peacock Network swears it was never a done deal with Paris and that they totally never offered her money. And Paris has only had sex with two guys! [TMZ]
  • 4 U.S. casulaties identified. [DoD]
  • About seven people informed us that the New York Post had picked up on our ingenious handwriting sample idea. [New York Post]

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