George Clooney Is A Beautiful Man

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We rarely promote random products that we ourselves have not purchased — and when it comes to stuff pushed at us by PR folks? Almost never. But. An email landed in our inboxes from a man named Whit Hiler, and it read:

All the girls in the world love George Clooney. Most all the guys do too. Everyone loves Clooney's sexy body. A lot of it also has to do with the fact he's a Kentuckian. Not just any Kentuckian but a kick ass Kentuckian. Imagine waking up every morning and the first thing you see is George Clooney starring you in the eyes? How awesome would that be? We just made that dream a reality.

Attached were images of posters by Kentucky for Kentucky, titled "George Clooney Is A Beautiful Man." As well as a picture of Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman holding his Clooney poster. "A kick ass Kentuckian holding another kick ass Kentuckian. So sweet." The posters are only $15, and, as Whit points out: "NO we didn't have George Clooney's permission to make these posters. Act fast before we're told to
destroy them!" You've been warned.

George Clooney Is A Beautiful Man [Kentucky for Kentucky at Etsy]

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I love George, but I don't know if I'd buy these. The picture is weird for one and as someone pointed out below, George is more than a flavor of the month. He's been one of my fav celeb crushes for years.

Now you make a poster featuring the 31 Flavors of Mr. Clooney with pics from my favorite movies/shows/magazines of his, then we can talk.