Illustration for article titled Genius Trolls #WomenAgainstFeminism With Parody Twitter Account

Who can forget the silliness of the #womenagainstfeminism movement, which prides itself on reaping the benefits of feminism while pandering for male approval. You Can Not Serve Two Masters but who's counting, amiright? Thankfully, in true Internet glory, the parody twitter handle @NotoFeminism was born to call bullshit on the movement.


Over at the Daily Dot, writer Miles Klee rounded up some goodies from the WomanAgainstFeminism handle and here’s my personal favorite:

But doesn't stop there, @NoToFeminism has many, many, many more spot-on Women Against Feminism tweets and they're worth a giggle. And then of course, get back to work smashing the patriarchy.



Image via Twitter.

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