In this economy, it's hard to turn down a decent job opportunity, much less a great one! And lucky for you, lady, this special work offer falls into the latter category. A fine group of card playing "Professionals" in Athens, Georgia are willing to pay you a whole $250 dollars to serve drinks at their poker game. Oh, you also have to do it naked and give a blow job to the winner of each hand. I know, I know โ€” where can I apply?!

A tipster recently sent us the following Craigslist ad:

Male Group of Poker Players seeks Hostess / Server - mm4w - 47 (Athens Area)
A group of Professionals play Texas Holdem once a month. There are from 8 to 10 Gentleman who play. The location changes monthly. We are seeking a Lady to serve sandwiches, chips, drinks etc, while NUDE. We do prefer a Caucasian Lady. Reply with your first name in subject line, and include a FACE picture and some information about yourself. Plus any other pics would be appreciated.
You must be Clean, Drug & Disease Free, and a NON-SMOKER. You will also service the winner of each hand with oral sex. You will be paid $250 plus a percentage of each pot. Other activities can be discussed. If interested, contact me to discuss it further.

$250 AND AN UNDISCLOSED PERCENTAGE OF THE WINNINGS! This must be what it felt like when young James Gatz first stepped onto Dan Cody's yacht. We're all going Great Gatsby, baby โ€” make it raaaaaaaaaaaaain.

(But seriously. Only $250 for some poor girl to show up at your weird Whites Only poker game, get naked and blow a bunch of strangers? $250 is not enough to pay a straight-up normal bartender, so it's certainly not enough to pay a sex worker. MAY YOU ALL GET THE CLAP.)


Image via Shutterstock.