General Hospital Will Live to See Another Day

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Good news for people who love General Hospital (somebody, assumably)/bad news for people who love Tim Gunn (everybody, obviously). ABC has renewed the soap opera for yet another season (the show is a whopping 49-years-old), while effectively quelling the Gunn-helmed daytime talk show The Revolution, where, having never seen or heard of the show until this very moment, I assume they spend their time discussing the uprising of the proletariat and which guillotine is best for you. The show will end its run at the end of July, effectively proving that the revolution will not be televised.

ABC Renews ‘General Hospital' [NYT]

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These shows that replaced cancelled daytime dramas (including The Chew, The Revolution, and The Talk over on CBS) are so unwatchable it's stunning. TV execs must have just assumed that those who watch soaps will watch anything. That being said, though, production quality of a lot of the soaps have gotten crappy, too. I've watched The Young and the Restless for almost 20 years, but the revolving-door cast changes and complete lack of continuity has made the show intolerable. Runner-up is the Bold and the Beautiful, which may actually be re-using scripts from the 80s and just changing the characters' names. They also don't appear to have sets any more, as it mostly seems to be filmed outside in backyards and on rooftops.