Do you use the increasingly omnipresent "he or she" in lieu of the more common (more traditional? more misogynist? more simple?) "he" when writing? David Gelertner of the American Enterprise Institute has some major beef with you: He insists that those who use words like"chairperson" and "firefighter" instead of "chairman" and "fireman" are doing nothing but eroding the English language with their half-ass "feminism." Says Gelertner: "How can I (how can any teacher) get students to take the prime rule seriously when virtually the whole educational establishment teaches the opposite? When students have been ordered since first grade to put "he or she" in spots where "he" would mean exactly the same thing, and "firefighter" where "fireman" would mean exactly the same thing?...The fixed idea forced by language rapists upon a whole generation of students, that "he" can refer only to a male, is (in short) wrong." [The F Word]