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Geek Girls Have Nothing to Prove

The Doubleclicks made their video about geek girls, and it is rocking! Was that nerdy? I don't give a beholder's ass.


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Ya know what's weird about these videos?... They make me feel ashamed that I'm not enough of a geek.

It's interesting, since their point is to demonstrate that girls are just as dedicated to geekiness as guys are. But in a way, they also undermine their own message. It sends the message that girls have to be even more geeky, in order to prove their geek cred.

For example, I know plenty of guy geeks who didn't discover comics until middle school, and yet, as a girl, I had better have learned to read off comics... or I'm not a true geek. I know quite a few male Batman fans who have never read the entire Year One series, but I had better have memorized every single story line and can recite each by heart.

It also means geek girls start patrolling for "fake" geek girls themselves, in order to demonstrate that "not all girls are fake, see, I called one out!" I mentioned this in another thread, but I had a girl thrown down some major Alpha Nerding on me because I didn't realize the 5th doctor wear celery in his lapel.

By continuing to try to convince guys that we are geeks and belong here, we are inadvertently playing into the stereotype that girls have something to prove, and must demonstrate their geekiness. It's a pattern that doesn't sit well with me...