Gays Win The Right To Remain 'Lesbians' • Depressed Women Get A Lift From Viagra

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Lesbians, rejoice! A Greek court has dismissed the request of three residents from the island of Lesbos to ban the use of the word "lesbian" to describe gay women. • A dying 8-year-old boy "married" his "special friend" in a make-believe ceremony a day before he passed away from leukemia. • A male letter carrier from Washington State is urging other carriers to wear kilts since they are more comfortable; he even spent his stimulus checks on mailing letters about his cause. • The headmistress of a school in England campaigns against "orange" fake-tan schoolgirls. • Diet sugar-free cranberry juice and cranberry juice cocktail both work the same to prevent UTIs. • OMG: Iced tea can be one of the "worst things to drink" for people prone to kidney stones.

• Women taking antidepressants and experiencing a hard time achieving orgasm as a side effect of the medication may benefit from taking Viagra.

• "Grammar Girl" is out to get rid of bad grammar. • A former Muslim sex slave who was targeted for her ethnicity when Serbs attacked tells her heartbreaking story to CNN. • Southern New Hampshire towns are reporting an increase in domestic abuse calls and arrests, which police says is linked to the poor economy. • A self-instructional program on reproductive health and sex-education for teen girls with diabetes will help them understand the risks of unplanned pregnancy while diabetic. • Inflation, high security at hotels and popular venues, and traffic jams have made weddings a real bummer in Sri Lanka. • A weak baby dolphin that was caught in Japanese fishermen's nets has regained its ability to swim after being outfitted with a special lifejacket. • Meet Rampa Rattanarithikul, a Thai mosquito scientist who has researched and collected mosquitoes for 50 years. • Two dogs that were allegedly trained to have sex with their female owner have been accepted into a no-kill animal sanctuary in Utah. • Cute puppy news! Look at this newborn french bulldog set to Chopin. (Image via She Cards.)

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