Gay Marines' Kiss Photo Melts Hearts Across Facebook

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Add this to the list of things gay members of the Armed Forces are allowed to do now that Don't Ask, Don't Tell is dead: kiss their partners, and upload the resulting photo to Facebook, causing everyone's heart to grow three sizes.


The Mirror directed us to the above pic, of Marine Sgt. Brandon Morgan and his boyfriend Dalan Wells. The photo was posted on the Facebook page Gay Marines over the weekend, and it's already racked up over 35,000 likes. Said one commenter, "As a gay veteran, this makes me tear up with joy. I never thought I would see the day." Another: "As my partner & I approach our 20th anniversary, I am moved to know our country is moving forward. Beautiful on so many levels!"

Unfortunately, not everyone was supportive. Said one hater,

I don't have anything against homosexuality but some PDA is going too far. I mean...a hug. okay normal. a kiss on the cheek. sure why not. but for 2 men to make out in front of others...that's just trying to get under people's skin. that's my opinion. this just isn't normal to many people even if we are understanding. Rubbing it in our faces won't make is grow found of it, it'll only alienate people


Of course, "rubbing it in our faces" is what homophobes tend to call any normal expression of affection they'd overlook if the parties were straight. For an illustration of that principle, take this comment: "This photo is as classic as the one taken of the couple in Times Square at the end of WWII." There's nothing in the photo of Morgan and his man that we didn't see back in 1945 (the Mirror has the famous photo of a returning sailor kissing a nurse, if you'd like to compare). And maybe if we're lucky, this photo will also become iconic, a reminder that we finally let the people who are willing to die for our safety kiss whoever they want.

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For those unfamiliar with the famous VDay pic of 1945...

As for this pic, lovely. Just lovely. Awww.