Gay Hate

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A woman in California was gang raped by four men on December 13th, allegedly for being a presumed lesbian. Recently, a Latino man thought to be gay died in Brooklyn after a brutal attack.


Gay rights advocates note that gay hate crimes have been increasing recently. [MSNBC, NYPost]


Remedios Varo

I'm a lesbian, and this makes me sick to my stomach. My heart goes out to this woman and her family. Also, to echo the sentiment of others here, it is a shame that when it comes to gay rights the focus is placed on marriage equality. Having my rights recognized that way by the government is nice, but what does it matter when I live in a society in which these absurd hate crimes occur? As I recently noted in a final paper for one of my classes, from Stonewall to the perennial surge of hate crime during pride season, GLBT people have an intimate relationship with violence, but that gets pushed aside all too often.