Gardasil May Protect Men From HPV • Dallas Pastor Urges Couples To Enjoy 7 Days Of Sex

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• Merck and Co reported today that Gardasil may protect men from HPV-caused infection and external genital lesions. • The discovery of a wide-hipped Homo erectus pelvis in Ethiopia suggests that the pre-human species gave birth to relatively developed babies with large heads and advanced behavior. • A Pennsylvania man was sentenced to two to four years in prison, five years probation and substance abuse treatment on Wednesday for throwing a garden gnome through a glass door and injuring his stepdaughter earlier this year. •• A new study claims that women who gain too much weight during pregnancy may have their children grow up to be obese teenagers. • Rice Krispies celebrated its 80th British anniversary on November 10th, marking the 80th year since the cereal was brought from the U.S. to Britain. • Why are movie trailer narrators overwhelmingly male? • Forensics trainees from Park Point University in Pittsburgh will re-examine the cold case of accused 19th century parent-killer, Lizzie Borden. • U.S. researchers have found stronger brain activity in women who are ovulating and viewing masculinized male faces. • A 26-year-old woman from Florida who was suspected of abusing her daughter will be given custody of her twin children after a three-judge panel on Wednesday determined that she had made sufficient progress as a parent since her daughter was abused in 2002. • A Dallas-area pastor of a mega-church urged his married congregants on Sunday to have sex with their spouses for 7 days straight. • A urologist from Florida has invented a stealth urinal for men called the UroClub which is designed to look like a 7-iron and fit in a golf bag. • Twin panda cubs who were born at the Adventure World amusement park in Wakayama, Japan in September were named Meihin and Eihin today.• A British couple who met online and played Second Life together are getting divorced after the wife found out her husband's avatar was seeing another (virtual) woman. • Is the spider fear a learned behavior? • Malaysia police say that protests from Katagender and Food Not Bombs regarding the recent Muslim edict against women wearing trousers is a security threat. •


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Aw, man. You guys are bumming me out with the spider hate... I love them! My parents were convinced that I'd become an arachnologist (or at least an entomologist) when I grew up. What's not to love? They eat other bugs like moths, beetles and mosquitoes!

Though I must say that my lack of fear may come from the fact that there are no seriously poisonous ones where I grew up. (My favorites are Wolf spiders - so cool to watch!... sorry!)