Gardasil has been denied delayed approval by the FDA for use in women ages 27-45. According to Reuters, "The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said in a letter regarding the application that it has completed its review and there are 'issues' that preclude approval within the expected review time frame." Merck was also not granted approval to expand the cervical cancer vaccine to cover a greater number of HPV strains. The company still plans to seek approval for male use of Gardasil. UPDATE: If you're over 26, you can still get the shot, it just will not be covered by most insurances nor is it recommended for use by the FDA. [Reuters via MSNBC]


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Not to incite riot or imply I have a desire to have things thrown at me, but is it POSSIBLE, just POSSIBLE that the drug has been found UNSAFE for women over a certain age? I mean, I absolutely am open to the idea, hell PROBABILITY that this is politically motivated. But MAYBE it's not. Maybe the FDA is being overly cautious. Know what? I'd rather them being overly cautious when it comes to drugs than throw caution to the wind.