Ganja Queen: The Most Convincing Argument To Never Check Your Luggage When Flying

Last night HBO aired Ganja Queen, a documentary about the trial of Schapelle Corby, a 27-year-old Australian woman who was arrested for allegedly smuggling 9 lbs of marijuana into Indonesia in her boogie board bag. Corby has always maintained her innocence and swears that she has no idea how the drugs—which were vacuumed sealed in a clear bag—got into her luggage. Despite the fact that she tested negative for drug use, she was found guilty and sentenced by the Indonesian government to 20 years in prison. The whole story is very sad, but there was one spot of comic relief in the documentary: Corby's older sister Mercedes. You can tell how close the two are, and how much she cares about her sister's fate, when she hops the barrier in the court to assist Schappelle, who passed out, exposing her "undies." Clip above.

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