Over the past month, fans and parents of young fans of Guardians of the Galaxy have found that while four members of the five-member team are prominently featured in GOTG merchandise, the fifth and sole female lead character (unless of course Groot is a lady) has been oddly absent from much of the merch.

Shit like this might not be surprising at this point, but goddammit it's annoying as fuck.

Reader Kristen recently took her daughter to The Children's Place to buy a Guardians of the Galaxy shirt, and in her search for something, anything, with Gamora, she was surprised to come up short. So, our inquisitive reader took it upon herself to email the Children's Place to ask why. Here's their response:


The Guardians of the Galaxy shirt in particular is a boy's shirt, which is why it does not include the female character Gamora. We try to have a diverse assortment but unfortunately cannot represent each movie and character.


Emphasis added because fuck that shit. The exclusion of female teammates from girl and/or boy-targeted merchandise does not do anything for anyone. It's only harmful.

Many parents looking for Gamora have noticed that she's harder to find than the other Guardians. Over at Geeks with Curves, Amanda Ratcliffe has written about the sad and extensive lack of Gamora in GOTG merch, launching the hashtag #wheresgamora on Twitter, and many have followed suit. It's not impossible to find Gamora, but it's absolutely ridiculous especially when there is absolutely no question when it comes to her comrades.


Image via The Children's Place.