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Listen, we don't fear change, but sometimes change sucks. Especially when it tampers with your childhood memories. In the vein of Strawberry Shortcake, the murder-mystery board game Clue has gotten a makeover. The new game has nine weapons instead of six; there's no lead pipe, and the revolver is now a pistol. They've added a trophy, an ax and a baseball bat. Plus, the game now takes place at a modern mansion - more Cribs than Masterpiece Theater. "We wanted something the kids would feel like it belonged to them," Hasbro's Rob Daviau says. That doesn't explain why there's a Catherine Zeta-Jones look-alike on the box. Miss Scarlett, is that you? (Click to enlarge image.) [NPR]


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I liked it better when Miss Scarlet was Asian. As a child, when I didn't wish I were black, I wished I was Asian... which I told people at every turn, which made for some awkward moments for my mom, apparently.

@morninggloria: LOVED that game.

@Spaceman Bill Leah: That movie was sheer genius. My best friend and I wrote the senior play for our high school with the whole murder mystery/multiple endings "Clue" trope in mind. Think "Can't Hardly Wait" meets "Clue". Fun times.