16-year-old English newcomer Sophie Turner plays Sansa on the crazily-popular HBO fantasy epic Game Of Thrones, has her first prom after exams, and Vulture suggested in an interview that she wear one of her character's dresses:

Oh, I would get ripped for that! [Laughs.] Too attention-seeking. But maybe I can ring up our costume designer and be like, "Make me a prom dress!" And then I can invite everyone around for a pre-prom party. Jack can be my prom date! That would be wonderful. [Laughs.] It's my first prom, and I'm very excited. It's really an American thing to do - we're just doing it for the party.


[The women in the cast are] all really close. We constantly Skype... I think the women are the ones with the real strength in the series, the mental strength, and you can see this divide clearly in the books - that the women are going to come to power.


'Game of Thrones' Sophie Turner on Playing Sansa, Skyping With the Cast, and Joffrey Haters' [Vulture]