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Gabrielle Giffords Resigns from Congress Via YouTube

Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords has resigned from Congress just a year after being shot in the head at an event outside a Tuscon supermarket. Preoccupied with her physical rehabilitation, Giffords explains in the video that it's best if she steps down despite previous speculation in the wake of her speedy recovery that she might take retiring Republican Senator John Kyl's seat. Though she gave no clear indication of her future in politics, Giffords did end her farewell in a way that could pave the way for an eventual return to national prominence: "I will return and we will work together for Arizona and this great country."


Gabby Giffords Resigns from Congress [Time]

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She looks great - and she's come such a long way. Stepping down is the right thing for her to do right now. There's still time for her staffers to get hired on by other campaigns - and she has a lot of recovery still to do. She's one brave woman.