Gabrielle Giffords Finishes What She Was Doing When She Was Shot

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Gabrielle Giffords is basically incapable of doing anything that doesn't pull on the heartstrings, but yesterday she did something that seems especially moving. After announcing that she will resign from Congress, Giffords spent the day, her last in Arizona while still in office, wrapping up unfinished business. Chief among those activities was to finish the "Congress On Your Corner" event she was taking part in a year ago when she was shot and six others were killed. See? Here comes the mist in your eyes.

This time the event was private, and it was attended by some of the people wounded in the shooting. Also at the meeting were some of the people who managed to subdue the gunman and assist those who were injured. In one particularly sweet moment, Bill Badger, who wrestled the gunman to the ground despite being wounded himself, gave Giffords a blue bracelet with her name on it that he's been wearing every day. Badger said that Giffords "took the bracelet off his arm and put it in her pocket." She also met with Suzi Hileman who was wounded in the leg during the shooting (and whose young neighbor, Christina Taylor Greene, was killed). Hileman said, "I got my handshake! I got to tell her how government can work better for people like me — by having more people like her!"


God, what a day. The next stop for Giffords is an appearance at the State of the Union. Keep the tissues handy.

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Dripping tears all over my desk, it's a good thing I work from home so I don't have to be embarassed about crying at work!

I have a question that I've been afraid to ask because I didn't want it to come out wrong. Is there a reason that people with brain injuries look so different after the fact? Like obviously I know she's lost weight and her gait and posture and even the shape of her head is different since she had to have her skull basically re-built.

But I've noticed whenever I see stories about people recovering from a brain trauma, that even their face seems to look different. Is this caused by nerve damage or something? Just curious! (And absolutely do not mean to imply she looks "bad" or anything—she looks AMAZING.)