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Not sure what to make of this story about Gabourey Sidibe being the focal point of a prank designed by Jimmy Kimmel’s then-fiancée-now-wife, but she likes it.


Molly McNearny, who is also head writer of Kimmel’s show, asked Sidibe to walk down the aisle ahead of her in a wedding dress, though they’d explicitly agreed to “no pranks.” Sidibe says that she was afraid someone would tackle her as she walked down the aisle, but it ended up working out fine. Kimmel cried, everyone danced, and she has now exposed the fact that his family has a choreographed routine for New Edition’s “Cool It Now.”

Do I still think pranks suck? Yes. If you have a problem with that, then:

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MAYBE it is just because I am a cynical asshole and also a fat but the joke was that she is fat right?

Like AHAHA, look at that fat black lady walking down the aisle, THAT ISN’T THE LADY HE IS MARRYING. AHAHA.

It just doesn’t seem like his wife would go for another skinny white lady because THAT IS NOT THE HILARIOUS PART. LOOOOOOK AT THE FAT TRYING TO BE A NORMAL HUMANNNN.