Gabby Sidibe Is Hilarious

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There are some serious laughs in her interview with BlackBook:

The Precious star is asked if she gets star struck. She answers:

Totally! And by the most random celebrities. Steve Buscemi was at one of our premieres, and I was like, Holy shit! It's Steve Buscemi! My big creep moment, however, came early on while filming Precious. Paula Patton, who stars in the film, is married to Robin Thicke, who I love. He's so tall. He came to set and hugged me, like a good seven or eight times, and I nearly died. But I kept it cool. I kept it together. And then he left, and I started crying, like sobbing.

On the first time she met Oprah:

We were in a small room with low ceilings. All of the suits that are associated with this film were pushing me towards her. But I'm scared of her, so I'm shifting backwards. But she sees me, and keeps inching closer and closer. She can't get to me fast enough, because she's Oprah and everyone wants to talk to her. I'm the only idiot in the room trying to get away from her. Finally, I'm backed into a wall and she gets to me. She hugs me and then I see her mouth moving, but I hear nothing. All I remember is that her favorite color is green. I always wear purple and she was wearing purple one day, and I think I said, Oprah, stop stalking me! And she said, "Purple is a very pretty color on you. Everyone thinks it's my favorite color, but really, it's green." That's all I remember.


On meeting Mariah Carey:

The first time I saw her was at Lee Daniels' apartment. She walked in and behind her I saw a trail of glitter and diamonds-but that's my perception of her, because she's Mariah. All that vanished on the second day of filming when I realized she's just a girl. Maybe it helps that I saw her without makeup, wearing polyester clothing.

On meeting Helen Mirren:

Helen Mirren didn't end up [being in Precious], because she got a real offer that paid her money instead of chicken wings.


‘Precious' Star Gabourey Sidibe Talks Mariah, Mo'Nique, & Oprah [BlackBook]

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