Okay. So it's official. Former astronaut Mark Kelly—husband of gun control advocate and former Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords—is literally the Cory Booker of outer space. He was caught on video Saturday wresting a defenseless baby sea lion (I don't know if you've seen enough pictures of a baby sea lion, but they look like this) from the snapping jaws of an evil Pet Sematary dog-monster. Fearing nothing (valar morghulis!), Kelly threw himself upon the frothing beast and carried the injured pup to safety.

Amateur video shows former astronaut Mark Kelly, the husband of former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, yanking away a dog that clamped down on a baby sea lion at a California beach.

Laguna Beach police tell the Los Angeles Times the attack happened near an exclusive resort Saturday.

In video obtained by the Times and KABC-TV, Kelly's screaming daughter tries to pull her dog from the sea lion as two other women help.


Okay, so the dog was Kelly's daughter's dog (betrayed by his own grand-dog!), so you could say he was partially responsible for the dog being within chomping distance of the sea lion in the first place...and also the baby sea lion later died. But at least it died having been gently cradled in the strong hands of an astronaut and then, presumably, swaddled in some sort of sterilized hospital snuggie, instead of just being unceremoniously dog-murdered and then forgotten. At least it knew that somebody cared. RIP, baby sea lion. I hope you eat lots of fish in ocean-heaven.

Also, people, don't take your dog to the sea lion beach.

Also also, have you thanked your local astronaut today? Do it. You never know when your baby sea lion will need rescuing (NOT A EUPHEMISM, PERVS).

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Photo credit: Kayla A / Shutterstock.