Gab About Hair on a New Social Networking Site for Women of Color

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Madame You is a new and very thoughtful social networking site for women of color; the website combines science (the founders have backgrounds in computer science and chemical engineering), technology (the site is powered by Techturized, a hair technology company), and politics ("We understand that hair is an extension of a woman’s identity and believe you should be free to choose how you wear her hair") to allow women to tackle all hair issues imaginable.


The founders told Clutch that Madame You, which will launch Monday, April 29, will let users buy hair products, receive style and product recommendations, connect with hair experts and brands and share hair experiences with other women. The ultimate goal? "Empowering the consumer." And looking awesome, obviously.


Image via Madame You Instagram

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These comments complaining about "WOC" being used in this case are annoying the living hell out of me.

First of all, not everyone who reads as Black identifies as Black. That's their own shit in their own mind but it is the case. They do often, however, recognize that they're "WOC". Being in Providence I know so many Dominicans who are clear Afro-Latinas who refuse to identify as Black. They've got kinky as hell hair and a site that says "Women of Color hair tips!" might draw them in more than "Hair tips for Black women!".

That's just one tiny example, and not even the best because I'm not following it up with commentary/critique on internalization of anti-black/white supremacist ideals but I really don't feel comfortable getting into that kind of discussion on this site because past experiences make it clear that any race conversation with teeth will not go over well.

Oh, and the women pictured above have straight hair (whether it's due to chemicals/heat/or natural [doesn't look natural, though] doesn't matter). "Black hair" is so varied that tips for "Black hair" will more than likely be applicable to PLENTY of women. Jeez.