Ga Ga Ooh La La: Joanne Is Lady Gaga's Fourth Number 1 Album

Photo Credit: Getty Images
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Get it, Gaga. The superstar’s fourth album, Joanne, has reached the top spot on the Billboard 200, making it—that’s right—her fourth number one album.


According to Billboard, Joanne, which was released on October 21, has already performed better than expected. Originally, sources predicted that the album would sell roughly 180,000 units in its first week. Instead, it sold 201,000 units, making it the fourth largest debut of 2016 — and the second largest from a female artist. Joanne is surpassed only by Drake’s Views (1.04 million), Beyoncé’s Lemonade (653,000), and Frank Ocean’s Blonde (276,000).

These numbers are reported by Billboard via Nielsen Music.

Gaga is also the only female artist to record four Billboard number one albums in the 2010s. Cheek to Cheek, recorded with Tony Bennett, was released in 2014, Artpop in 2013, and Born This Way in 2011.


I’m enjoying Joanne so far, but it doesn’t feel sufficiently celebratory for our purposes tonight. So let’s reach back into the Gaga archives for something more fitting to the occasion. Here’s to free bitches everywhere, baby.

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I love the title of this article and now have a bad romance ear worm